Thursday, June 24, 2010


Through the school year we have completed the following activities
1. Presentation of the project to the group involved, parents and teachers.
2. Presentation and information to management team and school board.
3. Comenius corner: Making a point of information about the project with photographs, advertisements and so on. The school community is regularly informed about all aspects of our activities.
4. Creating the project blog (
5. Placing information on the webpage of the school and the common project webpage managed by Germany ( and )
6. Trip to Downpatrick (Ireland) and Birmingham (England) for academic school year planning and coordination of activities.
7. Making of an initial content related assessment aimed at students in order to observe their progress achieved at the end.
8. Uploading a photo of the group of students to the website.
9. Placing information about the school in the website.
10. Placement of individual photographs of students in the website.
11. Self-registration of students on the website (creation of email addresses, etc.) (Classroom activity: Computers).
12. Placement in the website of students’ self-descriptions produced by themselves (name, age, family, town, friends, hobbies …) (English).
13. Information about the project published periodically in Mendeberri, our school magazine
14. Preparation of “Countries Questionnaires” that collect information from the vision of each partner of the other countries (History, English).
15. Production (design, recording, assembly and shipping for publication on the website) of a video with information about the environment, daily life and habits of students (Computers, English, History, Design).
16. Repetition of the “Countries Questionnaires” after viewing the videos of all countries on the web page trying to show the change of image produced. Sending the results to the other partners.
17. Launching the logo contest. As each partner, we have conducted an internal competition to select the best logo of the project. Subsequently we voted to select the best logo among all partners, being chosen the one presented by Germany. Placing information on this matter on the Comenius Corner and the Blog.
18. Sending pictures of the group of students working to Ireland for the creation of a Collage.
19. Classroom activity: analysis of the French Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen and the Bill of Rights of Virginia (History).
20. Classroom Activities: Human rights' history: background, classification, different generations of rights, analysis and study of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and its current effect. Relationship between the development of Human Rights and the construction of Europe. (History).
21. Maintenance and periodical renewal of the Comenius Corner and the Blog.
22. Sporadic participation in the chat of the common website Common web page: chats, infromations.
23. Classroom activities: analysis of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Ethics)
24. Classroom activities: work on the subject of homophobia. Creating tests or stories related to this issue. Publication of the best in the Blog of the project. (Sex Education for affective / Alternative to Religion).
25. Classroom activities: Collective reading and analysis through questionnaires and discussions of the book by Miguel Vazquez Freire "What About Human Rights".
26. Preparing for trip to Turkey: briefing with parents of students.
27. Making digital presentations by groups around the issue of human rights history (History, English and Computer Science).
28. Preparation of an exhibition of fundamental rights in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The students designed a series of panels that were exposed during the cultural week held at school in late March. (History, English, Computers). This activity was also extended to other groups at the same level (ethics) not directly involved in the project, but wanted to contribute.
29. Created bye ach student participant in a group of an essay or story about the general theme of "Equality and Human Rights" The the text was written in Spanish and the best were published in the Blog (Spanish Language).
30. Each student also wrote a poem, again on the general theme of "Equality and Human Rights." The poems were written in Euskera and the best published in the Blog (Basque Language).
31. Assessment Activities: In February we designed a questionnaire which was passed to all partners who answered it. The questionnaire assessed the progress of the project so far so that the coordinators and partners would try to correct any errors. A much broader survey was developed to conduct a thorough assessment at the meeting scheduled for April in Smyrna. Based on the answers and the prior debate in each school the final evaluation of progress was performed at this meeting and remedial action taken for the next academic year 2010-2011.
32. Travel (mobility) to Turkey: Four students and three teachers travelled in April to Turkey to participate in the meeting scheduled for end of term. Students from each participating school will submit a summary of the activities carried out throughout the year. Also participated in joint activities related to the project and planned for them on the days of the meeting (wall painting, excursions ...). The group of teachers made the assessment of project progress to date and sought ways to improve future. The lines for the next meeting in Lithuania were also designed.
33. Detection of points of inequality and violations of human rights in the community. The group of students developed a questionnaire that was subsequently passed by each of them through ten people in their environment. This questionnaire was to gather information to prepare a final report to send to other members.
34. Related with the same issue of identifying points of inequality or human rights violations in the community the students did an activity involving the search for information on NGOs working in some way on behalf of human rights, contacting and interviewing them and developing small reports on their activities Ethics).
35. Selection and comment by the students, some recent news in the press regarding the same issue of identifying points of inequality and violations of human rights in the community. (English).
36. Writing the brief final report "Analysis of Human Rights Situation in Our Own Community" to be sent to all partners. This report will be used as a starting point to begin work next year.

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