Monday, June 21, 2010


In September we filled a questionnaire on knowledge of our partners. We returned to complete it in early 2010and after the first contacts and viewing the videos they did, some of our views had changed.

Report: What the pupils from Mendebaldea have known about their partners, after finishing the first part of the project in February 2010.

They thought Lithuanians were brown or blond-haired, blue-eyed, fair-skinned and tall. Now they have confirmed these previous ideas and they have also known that they are friendly and good people. The famous Lithuanians they keep knowing are basketball players. They also mention some dishes they have learnt such as saltibarsciai or cepelinai. And, of course, they have learnt that the most important faith in Lithuania is Catholicism and the national sport is Basketball.

They thought Irish people were blond-haired or red-haired, blue-eyed, fair-skinned and friendly. They have corroborated this idea and now they also know that Irish are funny, nice, good and young! As at the beginning, they know some famous Irish celebrities, but there is no one standing out from the others, with the exception of Colin Farrell. There is nothing new about food or sports (except for the mention of horse-riding). Finally, they have learnt that our Irish partners are Catholic.

They know nothing new about Polish people

They thought Germans were fair-skinned, fair-haired, and tall. This perception has not changed, but now they also believe they are funny people. Clearly, the most known person now is Angela Merkel. They associated German food mostly with sausages, but now they have learned about kartoffelsalat. It’s not very clear for them if Germans are Catholic or Protestant. But what they know for sure is that the most popular sport is football.

It has turned out that Turkish people are less dark than they had supposed. They find them friendly, happy and good people. There have not been any changes in their perception about food (donner kebab), celebrities or religion. But there are some changes about sports: at the beginning they mentioned only football and basketball, and now they can talk about a wide range of sports (swimming, volleyball, windsurfs…)

And finally they have learnt that in England all people do not look like the same; in fact, there are many different appearances and, surprisingly, a lot of people are dark-haired. Now they know that there are diverse religions in England (Christians, Muslims…). However, they have not changed their perception about famous people (they mention a lot of different celebrities but none of them stands out from the rest). Neither about food (being fish and chips most mentioned) or sports. They think that they are good students and good people. Some of them believe that they are serious and others that they are funny people.

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